Watch a selection of surgical procedures performed by Associate Professor Simunovic.

Epiretinal membrane peel (ERM peel)

An epiretinal membrane is a growth of fibrocellular tissue that can form on the inner surface of the macula causing visual symptoms (decreased vision and distortion). Treatment involves the surgical removal of the membrane as shown here. Visual acuity improvement occurs for most patients by 3-6 months post-operatively.

Intraocular foreign body removal

This video shows the use of a 3-port vitrectomy to access a foreign body that is lodged on the retina. The most common foreign bodies are made of metal and can cause serious damage if left in place. Removal of the object involves vitrectomy followed by removal with intraocular forceps.

Sub-retinal tissue plasminogen activator for sub-macular haemorrhage

A sub-macular haemorrhage occurs when there is bleeding under the most sensitive area of the retina. It is rare but extremely serious. Part of current surgical treatment in selected patients may involve an intra-ocular injection of tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) to dissolve the haemorrhage which helps preserve the remaining retinal structure and visual function.


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